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Hi, I’m Alison Ball Kilmer, better known to my friends in Encino as Ali in the ValleyAli in the Valley is a lifestyle blog that showcases how to truly enjoy our homes and how to be the best hostess or host possible.  I always want my guest to leave my home with an amazing experience.  From the drinks, food, music and amazing ambiance, my friends walk away feeling like they have been taken away on a mini vacation. Taken out of the everyday drama to walking into an enchanted home. My home is no different than anyone else’s I just make it feel like an oasis.  My goal is for our guest to walk away wanting to be invited back for another experience of yummy food and drinks with Ali in the Valley.  Let me show you how to get started and you too can achieve this simple task of living a fun filled entertaining lifestyle.  With the economy they way it is we should put a little bit more effort into our personal surroundings, so we can enjoy what we have and save a little money.  Hey you never know you might enjoy cooking in more than going out!

Okay, my main reason for starting this blog is to share my epicurean and lifestyle secrets to the people I love.  I love to entertain and cook and my dream has always been to have a lifestyle show that showcases all my talents in cooking, decorating, crafts and last but not least shopping! Yes, I know I got skills in all the above now let me show you how I get down!


It’s all about food,  family, friends, entertaining and living a healthy great life!  You make this your heaven or hell... You choose?

I choose heaven!

Ali in the Valley!

Welcome to the world of “Ali in the Valley”